Sunday, December 1, 2013

reviewed by BCCH

You might recall an article we did way back when about a book called Silver Creek that was written by AH Holt. I referred to it as a book that would fit right in with the books written by Louis L'Amours and Kathy liked it enough that she thought that it was better than that and should be in a higher class. Well Kendrick is Holt's newest book and it also is a super novel. It's easy reading, has a great story, super characters, good suspense, a little romance, and a great ending. It's another book that is hard to put down once you get it open!

The basics of the story are that Kendrick's friend was kidnapped and his property was taken and split up and sold as mining claims. Holt did a great job, all in 1st person, of describing the bad guys
and how cold blooded they were. Ken disguised himself as a miner and buys a claim so that he can see things from the inside and try and rescue his friend - if he's still alive. There are a couple of females in the story just to keep things interesting and the rest you'll have to read yourself. It was a good book and I'm sure you'll enjoy the story.

Published by Avalon Books, Kendrick is now available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback and KDP! TYPE in Kendrick, Holt

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