Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Journey by the Sackcloth Moon 
a novel by K. B. SchallerJourney by the Sackcloth Moon by K. B. Schaller offers the reader a glimpse of the cultural difficulties faced by a young Native American woman seeking her place in modern America. Dina Youngblood is part Cherokee, a people who tried but failed to live comfortably in the white world and part Seminole, proud men and women who never surrendered.  This dichotomy is her heritage.
A professed Christian, Dina’s life is a daily struggle to serve her people without being drawn into the dark shadows surrounding her. She openly acknowledges the mystery of her people’s culture and uses her religion as a bulwark against it. Sometimes she is successful and sometimes the forces overcome her.
Moving from one culture to the other, Schaller artfully wove Dina’s life dilemma into an enthralling story of a young girl’s struggle to choose between two loves. One is a prominent and respected man who represents all that is good and safe in her life—the other is an old flame who represents all that is dark and wild and exciting.
Dina’s struggle to find peace and her true place in life is compounded by the hidden treachery of supposed friends. She is helped and protected in her quest by her strong belief in God and by unseen forces she will never understand. Journey by the Sackcloth Moon is a good read—a real page-turner.

Reviewed by: Anne H. Holt, Ph.D., writing as A.H.Holt, author of Blood Redemption, Riding Fence and other historical novels --- www.amazon.com/author/ahholt.